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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Mystifying Campaign! 

I said early on that I'd leave politics largely out of this blog, focusing on nonsense so as to give readers a break from all the partisan battling. But dang it, we're three weeks away from an election that I seriously think could either put the U.S. back on the track to fiscal and moral responsibility, or to a 21st version of Mussolini's Italy. A lot of my readers and friends are Republican, and I want those of you to know I'm not slamming YOU. From what I can tell, most of you identify with conservative ideals that were abandoned by the party back in the '80's. While the rank and file still want that ideal, the people in charge of the party are all about getting and keeping power, and grabbing all the money they can. I'd forgive them that if they weren't willing to start wars to ensure their ends, and if they weren't helmed by the most incompetent chump I've ever seen stand in front a flag. I'm tired of intellectuals being demonized (when are they going to start issuing little red books and encouraging "criticism"?) and the environment being ruined. And I better blog all this now before the Patriot Act gets expanded further.

So what can I do to help? Since I work in speculative fiction and advertising usually, my skills lie in making things entertaining and more enticing. Looking at the Democrats' ad campaign, my assessment is that it's too bland and safe. I know that bland and safe are a virtue these days, but I think voters want some excitement in these things, something they can get fired up about. So I'm going to start making web ads that you can grab and use on your site or in your email.

Now I'll admit this first one stretches the truth a little, but hey, it's not like I'm lying about a weapons program and a connection to terrorists to convince the public we should invade a country, so come on. My take here was make Kerry more appealing to young voters.

Electrical powers = cooler! So that's my positive, pro-Kerry one today. I'll balance that out with one that just focuses on the opposition...

It's all about using pictures to convey essential truths. Again, grab away rather than imagelink, if you plan on using any for long. I'll try to put up one every couple of days.

Just doing my part! This one's for America!


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