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Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Auction 

As I mentioned down the blog my story in Dark Horse's THE ESCAPIST is coming out soon, and it seems fitting to use pages from that for any Katrina Relief auctioning. What I'll do is put up the pages here and you can bid in the Comments section or by email to me, and after a week I'll declare that winner, and give the person a studio address to mail a check made out to the American Red Cross which I'll send on as I send out the page. I may be putting up a page also in other places like the Bendis Board Auction to see where I'm getting to the people who want to donate this way. Also go check out Mike Wieringo's BLACK CAT piece on eBay that he's donating proceeds from, which hopefully they won't take down.

They took Mike's auction piece down. Check out Mike's blog and he'll probably tell where it will go up next.

Here's what the actual page looks like, below, from my story, "The Escapist at the Royal Festival of Magic."


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