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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Alex Toth Doodle Book! 

Properly speaking that's DEAR JOHN- THE ALEX TOTH DOODLE BOOK, but I know people looking through search engines for this book they heard of will naturally enter Alex's name first. I've finally had a chance to make a website to promote the book, and there are some samples of what you'll see inside.

This project resulted from 25 years of correspondence between Toth and retailer John Hitchcock who runs the excellent comics shop PARTS UNKNOWN. You can contact him through that site if you would like an interview to feature the book, and of course you can email me here by clicking Summon Parker at the bottom of my sidebar. The heavy lifting of putting the book together was done by Billy Ingram of TV Party.com, and he went above and beyond.

There's not much of an advertising budget to go around, so if you're a blogger or a message board regular we'd be very grateful if you could spread the link, keep threads alive, whatever you have time for. Most of the money (and lots of books) after I cover printing costs will be going to Alex. The book will be available for preorder in Diamond's June Previews under my company name OCTOPUS.


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