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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Code is Addicting 

See, now I've screwed up, talking about the blog itself, and now my Google ads above are for webhosting and adding comments. I've got to ramble on fun topics and get those ads for sleds back.
BIG THANKS to Corey Thomas for chiming in with some html help (he is a web designer, after all). Per his suggestions I've started wrapping my css code in tables, and things are getting more solid. Though I can't figure out how to handle the actual blogging column you're looking at now. What's really ridiculous is to look at this site in Netscape 4-- with each post the text gets progressively bigger until you can only see two letters on the page!
I've also returned to the cheery grays that I began with since everybody complained about my changes. Thanks everybody. But I'm keeping the sidebar on the left! You can't make me put it back on the right! And I'm going to lose that goofy picture of me and replace it with a different goofy picture of me!
Again, thanks for responding to my pleas for help. Dan: I'm not going to add Commenting until Spring sometime, so there. And now I better talk about anything other than html before I lose everyone...


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