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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Diamonds Are For-Zzzzzzzzzzz 

Some of the best movie music ever done was for the James Bond series, especially in the 60's and early 70's. I have a hard time listening to it though. For half my childhood, my Dad would put on one of the soundtrack albums at bedtime, so I'd invariably fall asleep to Man With the Golden Gun or Thunderball, or any number of scores that conjure to mind naked women silhouettes dancing on guns from the title sequences. Years later when the Turner stations made a habit of showing 007 movies when Jaws wasn't on, I found I was completely programmed. If I was sitting down when the music started, even if I wasn't paying attention to the television, I'd find myself suddenly waking up five hours later, confused and listening to a blaring infomercial (in the good old days when tv just ran out of content at 1 pm, I'd have awakened to white noise and snow static). Shirley Bassey doesn't send many people to the Land of Nod, but I respond well to conditioning.
It just now occurs to me how odd the Goldfinger theme is, probably because Bassey didn't know what the movie was about when she wrote it, or just disregarded the story in that jazzy manner big-piped singers often do. She keeps referring to Auric Goldfinger (oh that Ian Fleming and his naming) as some kind of Casanova figure, and the whole song is essentially a warning for women to beware his charms. And then you look at stocky, buzzcut Gert Frobe as the character. Similarly, Tom Jones makes "Thunderball" sound like it might be a character in the movie. To be fair, he didn't write the music to that.

"Explooode... like THUNDERBALL!!!"


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