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Monday, February 09, 2004

Does Not Compute... Getting Dark Now...Love Kirk... 

If you tried to check in this weekend, you probably saw a bunch of style-sheet tags and NO CONTENT. That's what I get for trying to tweak this blog, gussy it up a little and make it load faster for you lot. I break my back over a hot keyboard, and do you ever post comments? NO. And don't give me that "but you haven't set the blog up for comments yet" excuse, I'm tired of that one.
Interestingly, I managed to accidentally design a Killing Page, that would instantly crash any IE Browser. Essentially it somehow gave the browser conflicting commands, just as Captain Kirk would to any robot or computer he wanted to fry the mind of. I trashed that code so it could never again harm us.
I was finally forced to switch to one of Blogger's house templates, and begin again the process of beating it into something more subtle. I'm not through by a long shot, so expect tiny changes in the page every few days. We all know you don't read the posts, you just check to see how many pixels wide I made a border on a given day.
If you're a CSS brainiac with lots of good advice, feel free to click that SummonParker link and give me what-for.
Next post: actual content.


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