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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Aberrant Behavior! 

Okay, this is pretty cool. Talk about proactive reading-- Marlon de Rivera read The Interman recently and decided to kill a little time by building my hero Van into the role playing game, Aberrant. First is his annotations on how to read the character stats, and then the stats themselves. It all sounds pretty fair to me. I did think the Charisma could be higher... I like that he would be a Perfect Guest.

Thanks Marlon!

First off, Aberrant is played using 10 sided dice. in order to do a task, you take the Attribute and relevant ability and roll however many dice the character has ranks. So a character trying to fire a gun would roll the total dice equal to his dexterity and firearms. Attributes are basic characteristics and Abilities are learned skills. Backgrounds are personal advantages specific to the character. the backrounds listed here are what I saw as his by about the middle of the comic. Like Abilities, they are rated from 1 to 5. I gave him pretty high willpower (maximum is 10). the Quantum rating represents in Aberrant how much raw power and which superpowers the character has access to. Since Van meach didn't do anything overtly superheroic, he has a basic quantum rating of one. The taint represents how inhuman an Aberrant character appears to be. I have this represent the side effect of his skin changing color when he was poisoned and when he was caught in that avalanche.

Meach isn't an overtly superheroic character. if anything his powers make him exceptionally normal. this is represented in what powers I gave him on the second sheet, which are Mega Attributes, these are what would have allowed the soldiers created by the Interman project to be the spies that would have been, allowing Meach to hold his own against the Fox and later on the Compass and May.

Van Meach

"The Interman"

Strength: 2 Appearance: 2 Intelligence: 2
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 1 Wits: 5
Stamina: 5 Charisma: 3 Perception: 5

Brawling(dex): 3 Might(str): 5 Awareness(per): 5
Athletics(dex): 5 Drive(dex): 3 Firearms(dex): 1
Martial Arts(dex): 1 Melee(dex): 2 Pilot(dex): 3
Endurance(sta): 4 Resistance(sta): 4 Academics(int): 3
Computer(int): 3 Science(int): 2 Gunnery(dex): 1
Hvy. Wpns(dex): 3 Tactics(int): 2

Allies: 2
(Richard Keele)
Cipher: 3
Contacts(Criminal): 3
Contacts(criminal): 2
Contacts(Scientific): 2
Node: 4

Willpower: 7 Walk: 7m
Quantum: 1 Run: 16m
Taint: 4 Sprint: 12m
Initiative: 9 plus 1d10 Fly: N/a

Quantum Pool: 20
(can spend 15 points per turn/ recover 6 per hour of rest)
Taint Flaws: Skin coloration due to adaptation

Mega Atttibutes:

Strength: 1 Appearance: Intelligence: 1
Dexterity: 2 Manipulation: Wits: 2
Stamina: 3 Charisma: 1 Perception: 2

Mega Attribute Enhancements:
Str-Lifter: doubles max. lifting capacity

Dex-Physical Prodigy: plus 3 dice for any physical task

Sta-Adaptability: can exist in any hostile environment

Health : Completely resistant to poisons/drugs/Disease

Cha-Perfect Guest : can adapt to any culturalmannerisims/social graces

Int- Mental Prodigy(Strategic) : plus 3 to initiative in combat
Linguistic Genius : plus 5 successes to language tests/ability to comprehend foreign languages

Wits-Enhanced Initiative : plus 5 initiative in combat
Bloodhound : tracking via scent

Invulnerability to Electricity: 1
( Plus 6 damage resistance against electricity)



Health Levels:
__ Bruised -0 (mega stamina bonus)
__ Bruised -0
__ Hurt (-1) -0
__ Injured (-1) -0
__ Wounded (-2) -0
__ Maimed (-3) -0
__ Crippled (-4) -1
__ Incapacitated
__ Dead


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