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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Check Out That Sweet Mullet! 

So the other day I was Googling myself (not what it sounds like) and found a link from my alma mater, East Carolina. Imagine my surprise at finding this image from '89 of me "working on a comic strip" at the East Carolinian paper in the Publications building. Besides how shocked I was at seeing that mudflap on my neck, I'm also amazed at how anemic I look. I think the picture is actually from '87, but I won't argue since the archivists were nice enough to let me be one of the few P's. This makes me want to dig out photos and make one of those "evolution" series of mugshots. Tomorrow I'll continue this theme and mention the uncomfortable thing of watching myself on video taken at last year's Comicon. Watching myself is harsh enough, but having to listen to me...


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