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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Great Men of the Web 

Sometimes the internet gives back, or at least the good folk who haunt the internet. First, giant thanks to Josh Macy, who found out about my blog thanks to the latest con report and then chided me for having the text drifting over into the sidebar when browser windows are short. Sure, everyone chides me for it, but Josh actually took the time to tell me how to fix it! Thanks Josh, you CSS whiz. You will be spared and given a dominion when I ascend to the throne.

Another person on my Will Not Die List is Charlie Chu. I just saw that over at his blog Grammarporn, he did a thorough breakdown of an action scene from Interman. It made me feel really good about my work, though I can't claim to have consciously thought through all the storytelling decisions. I'm sure I do up to a point, and then much is probably me redrawing a panel until it works for me, whatever that entails. It's hard to describe, I think like lots of cartoonists, when writing or drawing I often go into some kind of fugue state and later emerge from it like Grasshopper in a flashback from Kung Fu. I'm curious to see what this story is that Charlie is working on...


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