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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Updates, Wardrobes 

I've finally started filling out that sidebar column-- a couple more pictures, many more links. If I know you and haven't linked your blog yet, don't get all huffy. There's not a lot of logic to that list, it's mostly ones I check out and could get my hands on quickly. I'm not going to put every comics blog I can find in there, you can hit almost any of them and find the whole list. And I don't expect a reciprocal link if I do put you in there, but thanks if you do. There are a few science sites I thought pretty neat, I'll try to put more stuff like that. One of my favorites is the weblog of musician Bob Mould, he has a good mix of subjects and when he finally does comment on music or the music industry, it's always very insightful. I put cartoonist Mike Wieringo's blog on there even though it's the same praise for Karl Kesel that's been there for six months. But I have faith the volcano will erupt again one day. The one I called "the tube" is really called "London Underground", and I think it's pretty noteworthy too. Again, I'll be adding many more when I get another burst of energy, so you can drift away from this site before you finish reading my posts.

While looking around on the web, I see that art pal Tomm Coker has been busy in other creative areas. Great work on that suit, Tomm, I knew you were a Tron fan, but wow! I'll make that a link too.


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