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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Choose Life. No Wait – Choose Me! 

I just got my Eisner awards ballot in the mail today, so it's a good time to bring this up. I'm listed in the category Talent Deserving Wider Recognition, and I grabbed a pen, ready to check myself. I hate to admit it, but I actually had that same boneheaded feeling as Chris Klein's character in Election-- "it just didn't seem right to vote for myself". I started looking around online at my fellow contestants to review their work--agh! There's not a bum in the bunch! We all deserve more recognition! More specifically, we all deserve more money. So rather than promise you a tax cut, I'll just put the list up, link 'em all, and let you decide for yourselves (assuming you can vote in the Eisners). Luckily, we all have websites. Actually, they all have pretty cool sites, too. But ignore that, this isn't Best Website.

Derek Kirk Kim

Christine Norrie


Ben Towle

Brian Wood

There, with a pen in my clenched fist, I made my choice. Now I can focus on the other categories. It looks pretty good, they've dropped things like Best Thermos and Best Pog this year. The whole ceremony has been shortened lately too, so it's not nearly the buttkiller it was in years past. Go to San Diego Comicon if you can, it's a charming, quiet little show...


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