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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Girls Are Back In Town 

Finally, Jill and Allison have returned from Europe. Most of the time they were with Jill's mom in London, then at a friend's place in Milan. Besides beating me to Italy, Allie can now make a rude Italian hand gesture. They flew in to SeaTac airport, so most of my day was spent driving up to Seattle and back. Luckily I had the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Franz Ferdinand cds with me. That FF cd is a monster, you should get it unless you're into lame music.

Today I got a nice email from my Diamond rep Steve Leaf, who finally got around to scanning a sketch I did for him at last year's Small Press Expo, which is really close to Diamond Comics Distribution's main offices. He's a big Avengers fan, so I did a Steed and Peel for him. Good to have proof; I heartily encourage this giving back of images that I made. They make blog posts look more substantial.

Now back to getting a jet-lagged baby into an American West Coast schedule.


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