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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Suspended In Language 

... and now I'll mention a book that isn't even out yet. I see that today over at The Pulse there's a good interview with Jim Ottaviani about his latest effort, Suspended In Language. The book showcases the father of Quantam Mechanics, physicist Niels Bohr, at over 300 pages. The herculean labor of drawing all that went to Leland Purvis, whom you might know from his eclectic Vox, and Pubo, the story of a li'l homonculus running around in the woods. Being a completist, Jim always footnotes his research, but this time he got a few cartoonists to do it in comics form: Roger Langridge, Linda Medley, Jay Hosler, Steve Leialoha all provided the extra information, and oh yeah-- ME.

So if you haven't yet experienced the brainy comics of GT.Labs (guess where the publishing name comes from, I dare ya), this will be a fine place to jump on board. Now, back to my calculations.


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