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Friday, May 21, 2004

Things Calvin Pisses On, #34 

I just remembered a Calvin sighting from my drive to Seattle the other day, one of the few times I've felt a real urge to jerk my steering wheel action-movie style to ram a car off the road. We all know that since Bill Watterson wouldn't license Calvin and Hobbes for merchandising, the only public vestige we have of the last great American comic strip is bootleg images of Calvin mischievously whizzing on car brands, NASCAR drivers' numbers, etc. This particular hayseed had one I hadn't seen before, Calvin peeing on FRANCE, as represented by a French flag and the word "France", since the colors of the flag don't translate with just white ink. Even better, Calvin is wearing a U.S. Army helmet. Now I know why Watterson hides deep in the Ohio woods and doesn't venture out into the world at large.

They could at least make it more accurate by switching the flag image with a pile of Iraqi prisoners.


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