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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Free Comic Book Ghost 

As my homepage says, I'm doing a signing for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at COSMIC MONKEY COMICS in Portland, Oregon. I'll be flanked by or flanking Matthew Clark (Adventures of Superman) and Steve Lieber(Pay It Forward, The Life of David Gale). It's an extremely cool shop, you might even say it's gear, so come over if you're in the area. We'll be there from Noon to 3, smiling, saying nice things about comics we don't really like, and gently pushing you to some of the excellent selections Andy has in his store.

While I'm talking about comics retailers named Andy, I'd like to thank Andrew Neal of Chapel Hill Comics (formerly Second Foundation Bookstore) for sending his own version of the NASA GHOST that I keep mentioning. This, however, is NOT the real McCoy. I'm going to put that up either today or tomorrow. Still, this is hauntingly convincing...


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