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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Heroes Updates: Auction Paintings, Hell-Yellin' 

"I can do this kind of art in two hours, and you can't draw Wolverine standing on a floor."

There's Scott Hampton standing triumphant with his Batman from the Heroes Aren't Hard To Find auction, courtesy the meticulous photo gallery of Pat Sun. You can look back through past galleries of Pat's and get a good sense of why the Heroes auctions are such big events. Also in this one you can see a neat stage-by-stage of Brian Stelfreeze painting, and my personal favorite, this group of angry heroes over the labeled Western Hemisphere...

Mostly Marvel superheroes, except for Superman over on the right, and hey, wait... is that Batman sneaking in behind Storm? How'd he get in here? ALSO:Casey Jones sent me a link to the Recording of Hell I referred to in the report, but you have to be a member of Coast to Coast AM's site to access it. I'm still debating about whether to join. However, I found a clip that is supposed to be the same one at this purely objective website, which says that Jacques Cousteau stopped deep-sea diving in his old age because he heard such screams of the damned in an underwater cave. Not because he was very old and weak. Scroll down near the bottom to find the links for MP3 and RealAudio.

But even better than hellsounds, I finally have in my possession, THE NASA GHOST PICTURE I keep talking about! And I'm going to post it THIS WEEK! Get your popcorn heated up and turn down the lights.


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