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Saturday, June 19, 2004

It Really IS Poetry 

While destroying spam in my inbox, I had to pause and enjoy the inner text generated by a program that should become our nation's next poet laureate.

grizzly bear around reach an understanding with squid beyond bottle of beer, because football team toward midwife make a truce with traffic light defined by.Now and then, of razor blade bestow great honor upon related to debutante.demon from pork chop takes a coffee break, and related to mortician daydreams; however, mirror inside chain saw laugh and drink all night with..Any cloud formation can fall in love with grizzly bear inside, but it takes a real abstraction to mortician toward.
alps stepchild hitch dostoevsky abysmal injudicious eyelid wingtip

I know, that's not me talking about the Charlotte Convention, but I just now got my pictures back. I'll talk about it real soon-like.


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