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Monday, June 28, 2004

Lieber Quotes Crappy Kevin Spacey Movie; Teaches Kids 

"I like sharing my knowledge with kids -- 20 years ago I was one of them. I was an absolute fanatic for (comic art) and searched desperately for information about it," he said. "I would end up going to a (trade) school run by a cartoonist, and this is my way of paying it forward."

Today's Oregonian covers a Steve Lieber library workshop designed to make them like comics. I looked all through the print version at breakfast and couldn't find it, but thanks to Thought Balloons, I see it does exist online. I'm taking notes because I'm doing one of these myself next week. I wonder what I could say? "A life drawing comics isn't like The Life of David Gale, it's all hard work and no trips to the electric chair," or "Comics come out as regularly as The Shipping News and you have to be good at making deadlines, kids." There are so many to choose from and I have but one week.



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