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Monday, July 19, 2004

Fire Sale! 

Comicon International is a costly event to go to, so I gotta MAKE SALES people! Obviously I'll be doing commission pieces, but I can only do so many during the show (and the list has already started). So you might want to pick up some of the other things offered at my table, EE-03 in Artist Alley. Things I think I'm bringing...

Pages from my story in Vampirella Magazine #3

That Alternate Cover, which is featured in my WORKSHOP on Parkerspace.com.

The Green Arrow pinup from JLA to Z.

The Escapist pinup from Michael Chabon Presents The Escapist #3 (I'm always in #3 of things).

Color prints of the Escapist and Vampirella pieces (more affordable!).

Color print of my Spider-Man 2 piece(see a few posts down) that will be in the DVD later this year. But this is much bigger.

My graphic adventure novel THE INTERMAN, which I'll sketch in, and

Random comics and pages that I haven't begun to round up yet.

And I'll throw in an Interman poster (they're runnin' out) with every purchase. Heck, make a good offer on my shoes and you can have those. If Lieber is away from his half of the table, I'll be selling what he has at a discount. Come on over!


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