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Friday, July 30, 2004

Still Working on it, or my name isn't Commander McNutty  

That is, my name from the Squirrel Name Generator, thanks for showing me my true self, Gojira. Anyway, I have absolutely nothing to say about Comicon International 2004, and yet it's taking me pages to say that nothing. Lieber and I have agreed that Monday morning is a reasonable deadline for combining all our nothings and pictures of nothing and posting it. It'll probably sound pretty redundant with all the other convention reports that are out there for you now. For a couple of great ones, go to my sidebar and click Kelly Sue or The Beat, those cover it thoroughly. In a couple more shows no one will even read ours, because Tobey Macguire or Julia Stiles will be doing San Diego reports too, and you'll be all over that. Seriously though, thanks for checking in. Poke around in the archives, I'm sure I have something in there you can read in the meantime. Or go over to the Bendis Board and argue with Lieber about draftsmanship in comics. Speaking of, here' s a shot of him and Kevin Cannon (*update-- I'd called him "George", but apparently he prefers Kevin) I'm not using in the report, drawing on tables at Italian restaurants. And two of their friends, looking on.


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