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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Without A Country! 

The build-up to COMICON INTERNATIONAL continues, with our heroes in peril! Regular readers will remember Parker mentioning that he and manservant Lieber would be appearing among the Exhibitor Tables this year, to save loyal readers the tortuous hike to Artist Alley--- dutiful Steve faxed a table form in time to earn the $100 discount for early reservation--- yet the brave explorers found that no base camp was staked out for them!!! Firm but polite Lieber contacted the Conventioneers telephonically to bring the expedition back to life, but the ancient gods said NAY! In a retelling of the Comicon Myth, the unnameable spirit proclaimed that there was a purgatorial List of Waiting at that time (yes, the time that was early enough to receive a discount) and that the Ancient Ones do not let mortals (boy, I really can't keep the style of story on track here-- I've been working all night) know that their fates are connected to the List. Nor do they inform men that they have not procured a base camp (table).
Will the Spirits take Mercy on our champions? Did the Gods actually drop the fax under a table many weeks ago? Will Parker and Lieber reform the great expedition in Artist Alley, and if so, will any of the Faithful be able to find them there? Stay tuned to this station to find out!!!!


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