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Monday, August 23, 2004

Good Morning: Help. 

First, this is directed at those of you who use Macs. The rest of you can talk amongst yourselves, your friendly but unhelpful suggestions will do me no good.

So: it appears my connection problem was/is largely due to MSN's providing. Fine. I'm moving to another house in a week, I'll just start over with a new ISP. But I did get a G4 so's I could move up to OS X. And Lieber and I have been trying to put it on here, system 9.2.2...

But I can't get the Installer to "see" this harddrive! There's no destination disc to install to, just a blank menu. My firmware is up to date, and my drive is extended format. Still, tried to use disc utility to Partition the drive, but you can't do much when it's invisible. I have no SCSI's that need to be capped off or anything like that. Can't find jack in googling others with similar problems.



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