Channel the entity "Jeff Parker" from beyond the Ether

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hi, my name is Mike-- and I'll be your substitute blogger today.... 

Hey there, everyone-- Mike Wieringo here in for our beloved MYSTIFYIN' ONE. Parker called me today to tell me that he's been having lots of very frustrating problems with getting connected to the internet recently, which is why we haven't been seeing anything from him since Friday. I HAD been wondering what was up with him, since I'd sent him a couple of emails recently without a response-- so it was good to hear from him. I'm sorry he's been having cyber-problems, but I'm happy he's fine otherwise.

And so-- I'm just here to give you the scoop, and to let you know that Parker will be back as soon as he's able.

Hopefully, it's very soon!



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