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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hollywood Loves Comics; Comics Hates Kids 

That excellent piece from The Hollywood Reporter on comics is now online. This may be the only time outside of email interviews that I've ever been quoted with deadly accuracy. And they talk about Eric Powell's The Goon and Digglejock's (they're just one guy now, I saw it myself in San Diego) The Losers, worthy books you'd enjoy. This article had Hollywood folk stopping by my table like I was all interesting and whatnot.

The unexpected fallout from the Eisner Awards continues: no, not the travesty that I got beat like Sonny Liston, but feedback to the seemingly noncontroversial keynote speech from Michael Chabon. Chabon said we need to make some comics for li'l kids, and half of comicdom is wigging out. All the key links and quotes can be found here at THE BEAT, where I was surprised to see myself quoted from the comments of Fanboy Rampage. I better start thinking about what I say-- I should have said "test" after "rorschach".

I learned months ago after that interview I did at Sequential Tart with Barb that it's like dropping bloody chum into the shark tank to suggest that superhero books should mostly be for kids, but I didn't imagine that people would be against the idea of kids comics, period. This is so messed up I don't know where to begin.


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