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Monday, August 02, 2004

Never Again!! AGHH!! 

Even with Dreamweaver and writing ahead of time, these San Diego reports take fordamnever!!! We'll post it today, but you may be looking at the last one of these Comicon journals from us. Too much work, no pay! Oh sure, we get "ha, ha, good one" posted on message boards, maybe even a "LOL" thrown in. That don't feed the cat.
Besides, everyone writes the damn things now. How many times can you read about the same event?
But who will take up the mantle? Who will show that comics professionals are losers like everyone else, maybe moreso? Who will take time to layout all the players in the industry and show how the whole system works, only to have people ask them questions about that later? To whine, "you didn't mention MEEEEE!" Who will put up with that? WHO?
Not me, boss! Fah!

Maybe after I get some sleep I'll feel better.


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