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Friday, August 13, 2004

Off the Junk, High on Life 

Day 6 of No Internet Connectivity:
-More work getting done
-Excercised frequently with extra time; ate more vegetables
-Spent quality time with family, taught child words; carved canoe from tree we felled together
-Channeled writing into future lucrative projects
-Learned foreign language, musical instrument

Yes, just like when I kicked TV because I didn't want to pay for cable, life is really turning around without a monitor to hold my soul captive. Maybe I'll saunter over to that John Kerry rally here in town today, get involved in government. I can't go to the Bush one today, because they kept the location a secret to the public. Later I'll try completely reloading my system and see if that gets my connection up again, so I can return to being a complete piece of crap. Have a great weekend, Mystifyers!


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