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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"they don't usually write viruses for Macs..." 

-Yet here I am, at Lieber's house, having to post from a laptop because I can't find anything to cleanse my G3 of a bug put there by these fartheads. They seem to have attacked through MSN's dsl network, and when you go to an error page (gussied up to look like an MSN page), it gives you a number to call that tells ya all about iJaunt! So if you have any suggestions to get my TCP/IP connection working again, I'm listening. In the meantime, enjoy my circle of guestbloggers apologizing for me. Who will it be next?

I wish I could post a picture... Sigh.

Oh yeah, if you live around Portland, come out this Saturday for the COMIC ART BATTLE in which mainstream and alternative cartoonists go head to head to determine who's OG and who's a buncha sucker mc's. Wait, that's a rap battle. Same thing, pretty much.


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