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Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Big Debate 

That's right, it's Thursday already and the first of the presidential "debates" will be held. I say "debate" in sarcasm quotes because the White House has had it's terms met, and there will be no actual back and forth interaction between the candidates. The broadcast will also be handled by FOX News. What can I add to that? So it'll be more like a shared political ad. Many of you like to start your weekend early and might miss it, so here's a snippet of how it will go, with the candidates asserting their positions on Iraq and the War on Terror.

Our presence in Iraq is a cornerstone in the War on Terror, and we have to plow into it full speed, leaving only rubble in our path! Ramming the terrorists is the only way to send the message that We Mean Business! This war can be won, and once we win it, then we can turn our focus onto domestic problems-- like that Irritating Insect SPIDERMAN!!!

My opponent may think the War on Terror can be fought with a blunt instrument, but that's delusional. The only way to take out the terrorists is by carefully striking them one by one! Only when they know the venomous sting of America will our home be safe again. THEN we can deal with education, the deficit, and that WEASELY WEBHEAD SPIDERMAN!!!


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