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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ooh, Ooh-- Just One More 

Back to Pat's photo gallery one more time for a costume I think is really good--- KINGPIN.

Of course, I don't know how useful it is for that guy to look like Kingpin in his everyday life, but in this context he rules supreme. Even with Oddjob over there trying to horn in on the action. This reminded me of the Lee/Romita Spiderman stories where Kingpin can't stop talking about how everyone underestimates his physicality because he looks fat-- when it's really mostly MUSCLE! It's great exposition, I'll scan in a panel if I ever remember how to get my computer to recognize my scanner again.

Again, hats off (though not Oddjob's derby of death) to Pat Sun for getting these great pics, like J. Jonah would want.


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