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Sunday, October 31, 2004

10.31 Transmission From NASAGhost... 

....-opy that, Houston, are we go with the Oracle signal...? Roger that. (static) --Howdy Earth! This is Ghost 1 checking in from Elysian Base in the Afterlife, wishin' everybody out there a very Happy Halloween (static)-- we've even carved a jack-o'lantern ourselves out of some strange plant here that reminded us of our pumpkins back on that big blue orb-- whoa, it l-(static, static)--our pumpkin is walking away on some kind of tendrils... it's climbing up on our instruments so we're gonna sign off now and switch signal over to Parker in Control Center 9. Stay safe out there tonight, trick or treaters!--Over:

Thanks NASAGhost, for that special Halloween message. I've got to get to get cracking on Allie's costume, a terrifying BEE, so I'll just leave you the decoration in our front yard. The scariest thing I can think of at the moment is Subservient Chicken, a viral marketing campaign pointed out to me by Ford Gilmore. Later tonight I'll be watching a copy of The Ring that David Hahn lent me. If you have a second, share your 31st activities in the Mystifying Comments. Now go put on your Ben Cooper costumes that tell what character you are on the head and collects sweat and spit in the mask until the elastic string breaks!


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