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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

NASAGhost Presents! 

Roger, Mission Control... Ghost 1 here, we've got a beautiful view of the Earth shinin' through the obsidian mists of the netherrealms...(static)--oking at our instruments I see it's October in the year 2004... copy that... can't believe we've been out here for over 30 years(static)... guess since Halloween is comin' up the folks over there'd like some scary stories! We'll be transmitting periodically up until the 31st, so keep your arrays pointed this way for a couple wee-(static)----irst one is a recent observation by Parker on the ground there, so it could be true! We're about to go into a roll, so Ghost 1 is signing out for now...over!

Thanks, Nasaghost! Anyway, my spooky observation involves our recent move to a new place. As soon as we settled into this house about a month ago, a black and white cat started coming over and hanging out in the yard. A nice cat, but a bit pushy about trying to insinuate itself into our little family considering we already have a cat (see Burma over in left sidebar). One morning as I walked outside and had the door open, the cat blasted out of our den to the outdoors-- so somehow it snuck in and stayed under the couch all night.

So I'm thinking that cat needs to be introduced to water from the garden hose, but then it disappears, and a big gray cat starts coming over instead. Maybe it's because it always seems to show up around dusk, but my imagination starts running to the folklore of entities that present themselves as cats. What directed me that way? My own cat. Burma always has strong opinions about other cats- she's either angry or scared of them, and will try to intimidate any other feline coming onto her property, which is anywhere she's been for more than an hour. But both of these cats have shown up when she's been outside, and have even been on the back deck when she's there, and she doesn't regard them at all. She may notice them, but behaves as if a different type of animal (or person!) were there, not showing up on her radar, as it were. That's what set of the unusualometer for me. What creeps me out more is that at night I'll drive up and see the cat hanging out under my daughter's window.

Last night Jill informed me that the gray cat hasn't been around, but now a big Tabby has been coming to the back deck standing by the screen waiting to be let in. It could have been that these cats used to live here and were abandoned by the family that moved, but no one's lived in this house for six months before we moved in. So either the entity is trying on various cat forms it thinks we'll like, or maybe it's even working it's way to appear more like our cat, a calico. I'm going to try introducing the spirit to the garden hose and if that doesn't work, I'll contact the Rhine Research Center for advice. I just better not hear any extra voices coming over Allie's baby monitor at night.


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