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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Strange Forces, Good Passages 

I've found a couple of great places to go thanks to the arduous practice of opening my email.

First, that one-man juggernaut of pop culture Stefan Blitz has gathered some like-minded talents and created a new online entertainment magazine called FORCES OF GOOD. Normally I'd balk at such a site, but this one is actually informative and has some good interviews like the one Stefan conducts with MST3K's Mike Nelson. I'll start checking this regularly.

Another site promotes an upcoming comic book called STRANGE PASSAGES, written by my pal Micah Harris (Heaven's War), and drawn by artist Loston Wallace. After looking through the info on the book you can check out Loston's main site and find out more about him. I'll let you know when this book is going to solicit. It'll have that snazzy Mark Schultz cover on it, of course.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go keep monitoring the impending blast of nearby Mt. St. Helens and prepare for the Minnesota show this weekend. Good day.


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