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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Finally: A Recipe. This Site is Officially Lame. 

No one seems to be blogging much this week and neither am I-- I guess preparing for Thanksgiving has claimed us all. I need to get by the store later myself so I can make the easiest dish...

Sweet Potato Casserole

8 or 10 Yams-yep, the first thing to do is use yams instead of sweet potatoes, because despite the name, yams are sweeter. And they're not the same tuber though people think it's a North/South semantics thing. Bake them until a baby could easily poke a fork into them. Run cold water over 'em, scoop out the goo into a bowl. Nice.

Brown sugar, 2 Eggs(optional for you queasies who don't like putting raw egg in things), Some Milk-Throw a cup or so of the sugar in there, cinnamon maybe, possibly some lightly beaten eggs, and enough milk that gets it good and blended. None of this is as important as

Butter:Lots of it- At least a stick. This is what will have people remembering your dish years later, not some nifty spice or wacky pinch of something exotic. BUTTER.

Marshmallow or Whipping Cream-Knock yourself out on the topping part, I don't do it. Then it becomes a dessert, and you run the risk of someone else NOT making their pie because "oh, that casserole is practically a dessert already!" Why do that to yourself? But if you must, get a thing of whipping cream and spend nearly an hour stirring it, make some kind of meringue. You can pour honey on top too.

So you've got it all mixed, now put it into the biggest casserole dish you can borrow, heat it up on Low for 40 minutes or so. Voila, you've contributed to the meal instead of merely bringing a bag of ice. Now you can get all uppity if you show up and someone's got a can-shaped dish of cranberry sitting out like that's okay. Enjoy listening to your family scream and football blaring out of the tv, think of the Europeans wearing buckles on their hats and American Indians with their colorful corn as you give Thanks.


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