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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


...And really look at the people you voted for. Think they're more moral because they thump bibles? You don't have a problem with being lied to about a reason to go to war with a country that didn't attack us? It's okay for our soldiers and guardsmen to go die for no reason, you're cool with that?

Don't mind all the out of work people here? Republicans have control of everything, so I don't know what's stopping their economic recovery plans.

Hey young voters, way to "rock the vote". You turned out in the same unimpressive numbers you did four years ago. It's you they'll take when the draft is brought back, so I guess it's fair.

Thanks to all of you that did vote for change, standing in line for hours and putting up people trying to intimidate or trick you into not voting. We've been hearing stories today of Republicans setting fire to the Kerry signs in people's yards, and some jerkoff with a Bush Cheney sign came into the coffee shop this morning and yelled "Eat it!" to everyone inside. Hell, you've struck a big blow against education, the environment and citizen's rights, do you have to be poor winners too? Let's hope after this administration fouls the nest thoroughly for the next four years our bitterly divided country can find some common ground and common sense.
From a blue state...


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