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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh? (Art Auction) 

Thanks to Emil Petrinic I see that my auspicious art reps at MothComix have put up a page from my Vampi "Hate Mail" story on the e-Bay. It's an oversized page, big ol' piece of art. And if you click on View Seller's Other Auctions, you can see the rest of the talented clients they sell for (and how much more reasonably priced my work is!). MothComix must be following up on the nice mention they got in Wizard recently, which I appreciated because I was referred to as "Indie Hotshot" Jeff Parker. Which makes me think of the old Calgon commercials--"My husband, some hotshot. Here's his Ancient Chinese Secret..."

Now go make people buy my stuff, I got a new tyke due any day now.


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