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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Big Trainz, Yo: Tri Met Raps 

When I get on the lightrail to head downtown to Mercury Studio tomorrow, this will be going through my head.

Mighty Mouse and the crew, you know we be riding

Chillaxin' on the MAX, you know we be gliding

Just remember all the rules are important

This is for all my players that roll through Portland.

That's from Chillaxin' on The Max by Dynamix, some kids from around the way here, sharing safety tips about riding the train- you can listen to it at the link! Tri-Met is really big on getting the message out about staying off the tracks because the train is quiet and heavy, there's posters all over with serious faced young people telling Portlanders how we need to Get Real and face the realities of MAX. Though I've not heard of this (people getting mowed down by the Max) being a big problem. But maybe that's because they do such a good job takin' it to the street. I see a lot of interesting stuff on the Max, I'll try to talk more about that in the future. Now I hope I see these kids so I can get them to autograph my pass!


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