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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Money House Blessing 

I was just remembering an air freshener I used to buy years ago called Money House Blessing. I liked the name, I liked the smell, and I especially liked that it had the disclaimer DOES NOT HAVE SUPERNATURAL POWERS. I would buy the cans at that oddball chainstore that carries all sorts of cheap arcana, Big Lots. Then one day I didn't see it anymore. Googling it however, I see it still exists though the can is purple and it now comes in special scents, like Sandalwood. The first thing I found about it was appropriately, from a legendary figure in comics, Cat Yronwode. She has a page devoted to it and the practices of HooDoo at Lucky Mojo.com. Now I want to find out more about the manufacturer, the E. Davis company of Piscataway, NJ. They also make "Double Fast Luck Soap", and I've gotta get a bar of that.


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