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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Benefit Auction for Bill Loebs 

You comics readers may know about the plight of writer Bill Loebs, and maybe you've enjoyed some of his stories in the past. I drew a couple of his stories over ten years ago when he was writing Wonder Woman, and Steve Lieber worked with him for a big stretch on Hawkman. Steve's put up Several Auctions on eBay from himself and other Mercury Studio artists to build up a little something to send to Bill soon. It also looks like they're revving up to help over at Millarworld so peek in there too. If you enjoyed his work, maybe drop him a line at bloebs@yahoo.com and let him know that, and that you're rooting for him. Moral support can go a long way.

Bill mostly writes, but when he draws he has a heavy Will Eisner influence. So even better: if you're a publisher, give him some work to do, he's a consummate pro with a world class imagination.


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