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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Night Gallery 

Hey, I wound up in a gallery show. A print of one of my comics pages will be on the wall at the Pushdot Gallery on 830 NW 14th Ave. here in Portland, running from February 3rd through the 22nd. This is for the Comics in the Digital Age exhibit, featuring work that is partially or completely produced by digital means. In my case that mostly refers to how I color a page, but on this one there is some drawing done on the computer after the scanning stage. The showing opens tomorrow night, which is known for a few months each year here as First Thursday. That's when lots of arthouses open up with new collections and private homes in several neighborhoods temporarily become galleries, and much of the town walks around looking for art. Artsy town.

Also: other artists in my studio have contributed more pieces to the Bill Loebs benefit auction. Here's the link to the complete list on eBay so far. There's some primo stuff in there that you might want anyway, and it will go to help a deserving guy.


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