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Thursday, February 17, 2005


For once I got to the airport at a nice comfortable lead-- I wasn't early, but I walked up to the gate just as boarding began. Walked out onto the tarmac in the crisp night air, admired the runway lights and stars, and stepped up onto my plane. Just as I was starting to get happy about having an empty seat next to me, the pilot said the wind shifted down at San Francisco International and that all flights in were being pushed back two hours. They sent us all back into the airport, and not wanting to miss an opportunity, I called Jill and asked her to go get some art I left back at the studio.

I'm not complaining, just sayin'. PDX is a comfortable airport where you can find seats without armrests so you can stretch out. And now they have free WiFi all through the airport. Does your airport have that? So, I'm just farting around on the internet for the next hour until I board again. Talk to you later.


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