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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

That Mitchell Kid 

I'm looking forward to Wondercon this weekend because those Bay Area folk always ask for interesting art. I was reminded of this the other day when Bill May sent me a scan of a piece I did in his book in 2000. The theme was a nice one, asking people to draw their favorite characters from childhood. I read truckloads of Dennis the Menace comics as a kid and though Hank Ketcham was a genius of lyrical gesture, I responded to the stories drawn by Al Wiseman and another similar artist whose name I never knew. I know the Hernandez Brothers were really into those guys, and if you peruse the quarter bins at the next show and find some Fawcett Dennises, you will be too. I gave him the inverted color scheme he sometimes had, which always intrigued me as a kid, like those Star Trek episodes where Kirk wore a green shirt.

Okay, back to trying to finish jobs before leaving. Stay out of Mr. Wilson's garden.


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