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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tinkering Again... 

Careful, watch your step, I'm moving things around here at the Oracle and tidying up. Mainly I'm finally updating that sidebar of blogs. It's really there for me to have easy bookmarks to ones I read, but I lazily left out many that I like when I set it up. Forcing me to have to go to someone else's blog to find a link. Only a few thousand times of that before I got tired of it... also, some stalwarts just had to go, because their hosts lost interest in posting. I dropped out the pictures because they get in the way of my clickin'. New ones might come back if I build on this proposed "third column" I keep mentioning. That could be where all the most self-serving hoo-hah of mine is contained. My percentage of blogs related to comics has shrunk a little, which is good. This should be a blogoverse instead of a blogosphere, there's no need to make the web as insular environment as the industry in the real world is. I might add a music section just for mp3-fishing. This partial reboot is courtesy my one-month-old son for waking up to eat at 4:30 am. Now he's just kicking back in his Graco swing feeling good about his contribution.


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