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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No Long Beach For Me. But...Boom! Brain! 

I've almost paddled my way up to the surface, I can see your murky formless shapes on the other side. That's me with all the bubbles erupting from my mouth, throw a line damn it!

Had I been regularly posting the last couple of weeks, I would have mentioned that my pal Ross Ritchie has bisected from Dave Elliot and Atomeka Press and formed Boom Studios, so we should be watching these comics closely. I love, love and love that logo for Zombie Tales.

Also, my other pal (I have but two) Rick Remender is drawing the first comics work written by Bruce Campbell, and here's a big fat article about it at Comic Book Resources. Make Mine Screaming Brain.

I'll also be adding more blog links soon. I hope you Californians have a good time in Wizard World LA, but I won't because I'm Not Going. Just can't lose five days at the moment, you understand. I hear next year it's actually going to be in Los Angeles rather than Long Beach, but I can't imagine what venue. The downtown convention center?


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