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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This Is You, Comics Readership 

I think that long gone are the days when superheroes were seen as fun, escapist material that could transport you to other worlds and help you forget your hum-drum every day life. Now, more often than not, the superhero comics of today are just a reflection of the angst and turmoil of every day life. And yet, those characters going through those seemingly mundane daily struggles must be wearing long underwear and capes for them to be taken seriously. It's a real conundrum that's unique to the comics' fan base.

That's from an interview with Mike Wieringo at COMIXFAN that is well worth reading. It's always fun to watch fans who like to hear pre-chewed promotional shtick that jibes with the way they think things work read Mike explaining what it's really like. Go Ringo!


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