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Saturday, May 07, 2005


At all shops participating in Free Comic Book Day today. It's a great promotion for the medium, the kind only Joe Field could have come up with. Yes, there will be a few bozos at every shop who walk in thinking that means any comic they want is free. They'll even fancy themself brilliant because they'll look up a really expensive comic on the internet and go in asking for that one, thinking they'll hit paydirt. It's okay to fire upon such people.


Hey, Casey Jones pointed me back to our old standard of AM radio, COAST TO COAST AM for that Bigfoot in Manitoba footage. So here's the link to A Current Affair's site showing the video. It could be a guy in a business suit walking around on the shore, as vague as it is. But I'm sure we'll get answers-- watch through to the end of the video to see the crack team A Current Affair put together to go hunt down the mighty Sasquatch. They'll be lucky if they find Canada.


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