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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Linkin' like Mandy Patinkin 

Finally I've got a chance to update my bloglist there on the side, try out some new ones for a change. We have to bid a sad farewell to Johnzo.com, the blog of John Aegard, but he hasn't updated since October. Bye John. And since Kevin Melrose dropped Thought Balloons in the harbor chained to an engine block, it's gone. But replaced with the new one he contributes heavily to, Dark But Shining. Just as I was checking the url for Drawn to finally put it up, I saw that Jay linked to my homepage yesterday, that was a nice surprise. We have a few science blogs, a couple of comics folk like Eisner-winning colorist Trish Mulvihill, whose blog is more a celebration of Manhattan, and my buddy and studiomate David Hahn, who just used part of his DNA to construct a new baby girl named Cleo. Dave, I don't like the name of your blog though, so I suggest you change it to the name I have given it in my link, Wrath of Hahn. Also included is one that has given me so much enjoyment lately, the blog of artist Mike Hoffman. The link is one the best quotes on his blog, "Ego? Nay. Facto!", which routinely trashes lots of my artist friends (except for Boris Vallejo, he's not a pal), but man is it something to read. Hipster and Image Executive Eric Stephenson is on here as "Stephenson." And you can check out cool old toys and commercials on the "Bedazzled" blog. I'm open to all cool links you might wish to send this way, too.


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