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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Mercury Studio just got 63% more dopetastic yesterday. Last week, Matthew Clark and I got sick of our D-Link router failing repeatedly, so we went to the Mac store and bought a Airport Express and a Netgear Switch so that the warm waves of the internet would once again broadcast through our room. A day later we moved the stereo receiver to the center of the room, where the ethernet cable could get in STRIKING DISTANCE of the wifi. Then today, Lieber realized PHASE 3 of the Great Plan, and hooked up the audio cable from wifi to stereo. Now he, David, Terri and I can DJ from the iTunes on our Mac laptops. YES! No more being at the mercy of Ron Randall's disc changer which plays Richard Thompson whether the cd is in there or not! With this move, Mercury Studio has now surpassed all other working comics studios in the industry. Oh, your workplace has a 50 cd changer set on random? Well that's precious. WE HAVE OVER 60 COMBINED GIGABYTES OF MP3'S (and books on tape) FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE! PLAYED FROM THE COMFORT OF WHEREEVER IN THE ROOM WE HAPPEN TO BE! VIVA MERCURY!

Oh, and poo on you I-T guys who devote whole servers to the music you steal. You don't count.

Like my other bloggaz, I threw up a link to Zombie Eat Brains. Entertaining. Will it have the tenacity of Hulk's Blog That Is On The Internet? We'll see.

And as geeky as it is, I'll weigh in on this. THANAGAR. The hell is Rann going to do, beg Adam Strange to fight all the Hawkmen for them? Jump back on that Catherine Zeta-Beam.


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