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Monday, June 13, 2005

...And Some Are By Tom Spurgeon, About Jim Ottaviani 

SPURGEON: Is the fact that men like Marsh were larger than life figures and semi-bullshitters a part of that decision? Does the fact that much of the literature of the time was fanciful play a part?

OTTAVIANI: Oh sure. I wouldn't say bullshitters, though: Cope and Marsh were the real thing and true experts in their field. So I'd pick a different word. Bullies? Blowhards? Still and all, roght, and I worked extra hard in this book to give many of the characters their own voice/mode of speech. Red Cloud, P.T. Barnum, and Marsh were particularly important to me along those lines. Barnum was fun, though Jeff Parker of Interman fame, when going over the script, caught a place where I missed an obvious and perfect line for Barnum. It's in there now...thanks Jeff!

Oops, I somehow made it all about me again. The whole interview with Jim is over at The Comics Reporter, and features more images from Bonesharps. Yes, sorry I abbreviate the title, Jim. We've got Jim in Portland this week, by the way.


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