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Sunday, June 12, 2005

End of the Week Purge 

I need to thank young Ethan Robinson for waiting half a school year to get his Flat Stanley pictures from me. After I lost Stanley several times, his dad found an uncolored FS image online, and the kid stayed up past his bedtime to color it again so it could be sent to me. Me and Stanley did a little tour of Portland, and my karma now remains intact. Too bad I couldn't have done it this week, the Navy is in town. Not any cool ships like Destroyers or anything, just a bunch of (yawn) Frigates. And the other day I saw we've suddenly got Guardian Angels. Discussing that led to several of us at Mercury having the name "Lisa Sliwa" stuck in our heads (ex-wife of Curtis Sliwa, the original Angel, duh). And we're all still settling into some decorum to observe in trading DJ duties with the Airtunes. It quickly became obvious that taking turns after a song apiece interrupted work too much, so now we do "blocks" and sometimes themes to those blocks which have to be guessed. Maybe I should post studio notes on the Mercury Blog. F that, there's like a zillion other members who could be posting there and I've got this one to feed. You'd think a group blog would practically write itself, but taint so. Just like on the Huffington Blog, where the first week it looked like we'd be getting some occasional thoughts from John Cusak and David Mamet, and they haven't been back since. Sorry this is a bunch of disconnected thoughts like a Penny Cartoon from the old PeeWee's Playhouse show. Maybe I'll tie it all back up and use "Sliwa" for an exit line.



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