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Monday, June 13, 2005

Not All Interviews Are With Me... 

Some are with Tom Spurgeon.

So it's the personal memories that dominate when I think of working at the Journal. Hanging out on the back porch smoking and complaining about our low pay. The poker games at the moldy house in Ballard. Eric Reynolds and I posing as comic shop employees to sneak into a Marvel retailer presentation. Gary placing Conrad Groth astride a garbage can so he could finish an argument on CompuServe. Stopping work early to browbeat the interns about their taste in comics. Everyone should work at a place like Fantagraphics at least once in their lives, although no one can afford to twice.

When I was farting around in college running a weekly newspaper comics page, same-aged Tom Spurgeon was at The Comics Journal being a big part of that magazine's Golden Era. CJ was a profound influence on the way I thought about comics critically, and Tom the most interesting critic. Go read this in-depth interview by Ed Cunard over at the newly resurrected Comic Book Galaxy.


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